Yonatan Gat is a guitarist and composer based in NYC. His solo work was featured in The New York Times, Pitchfork, Vice, The New Yorker and People Magazine. He was chosen “Best Guitarist in New York” by the Village Voice in 2013. His composition method is beyond classification, championing wild, stream-of-consiousness improvisation.

He first came to prominence in 2006 as guitarist and founder of Monotonix, which was hailed by SPIN as "the most exciting live band in rock’n’roll.” Monotonix shows resembled performance art, with band members duct-taping themselves to the audience, setting their equipment on fire and ending their shows outside venues in what would become impromptu street drum raves. 

Banned from playing their home country of Israel, Monotonix proceeded to tour the United States and Europe, leading Gat to play 1,500 concerts in 50 countries and 5 continents, touring with bands as diverse as Pavement, Faith No More, Of Montreal and Thee Oh Sees in major venues and festivals in North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. During these remarkably vast travels, Gat was exposed to an infinite array of musical styles from around the world. 

His reemergence as a solo artist in 2014, following stints studying anthropology on scholarship from Columbia University and living and recording in Portugal, incorporated a rich palette of musical influences seen by the New York Times as echoing “funk from Benin; Cuban son from Senegal; Chicano rock from Los Angeles; Afro-Brazilian soul from Rio de Janeiro; and the pentatonic and Arabic scales that connect much of the world.” Gat’s body of work maintained the raw, visceral and theatrical nature he became known for, but with an ever growing focus on his unique musical vision, with concerts that are seen as psychedelic spectacles, praised by SPIN as “unlike anything you have seen before," adding “cults have been formed over less”. 


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"Genre-defying compositions"

"Best guitarist in New York, 2013" 
The Village Voice

"A mind blowingly prolific journey crossing vibes of DIY dives and avant-garde jazz spaces"
- Vice

"A dazzling display of the trio's impressively far-flung influences"

"His playing bloomed with the patience to develop any shred of riff or groove into collective improvisation"
NY Times

"Middle East-tinged solos over fierce tribal grooves, to ecstatic effect"
- The New Yorker

"A swirling mass of energy. Gat’s guitar playing is unmatched"
- BuzzFeed