Universalists (2018)

"9 / 10. A thrillingly chaotic sonic voyage" - Uncut

#6 The Guardian Best Contemporary Albums, 2018

"A visionary new album for rock music offering a bold new idea: treat your own band noise like other people's samples" - PopMatters

"An ambitious, sprawling record, a catalog of fever dreams. The dedication to a global perspective here is undeniable, daunting, and hard to quantify. Gat reportedly sorted through more than 100 hours of recordings of his own band to cull this record. There’s almost a time-travel quality to this music that makes it so simultaneously effective and elusive. Gat manages to capture the ecstasy of his live performance, while expanding his production and experimental practice to a global, and—dare I say—universal palette." - SPIN

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Director (2015)

"To listen to Director is to feel yourself barreling forward; riffs don't so much unfurl as fly by and songs seem to vanish almost as soon as they appear. The feel of driving past a bustling street scene with the windows down. This is a world party, respectful of tradition but unafraid to throw everything in a blender and gulp. A frequently dazzling display of the trio's impressively far-flung influences.” - Pitchfork

“A mind-blowingly prolific journey crossing vibes of DIY dives and avant-garde jazz spaces.” - Vice

Debut LP. 
East to West / Casino Café / Canal / Goldrush / Theme From Dark Party / North to South / Boxwood / Gibraltar / L'Atlantis / Tanto Que Nem Tem

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Iberian Passage EP (2014)


Physical Copy EP


Os Mutantes "Esos Ojos Verdes" / Yonatan Gat - "Porto Exílio"
Split 7" with Os Mutantes
Joyful Noise, 2018 (sold out)

Ascension / Analog Gold Rush
CD-Lathe (CD/Vinyl Hybrid - read more)
Joyful Noise, 2015 (sold out)

Dark Party / Echo Sunset
Lathe Cut 5"
Joyful Noise, 2015 (sold out)

East to West / Hydrogen Bomb
Lathe Cut 7"
Joyful Noise, 2015 (sold out)